Tuesday, August 7, 2007

Bob Schlanger: Living his dream on your money

Tucson resident Bob Schlanger has a dream. He is a typical "do-gooder" with visions of proper order in his neighborhood. His neighborhood. Bob is the Jefferson Park Neighborhood Association Vice-President.

Bob's dream is that his beloved neighborhood is void of tall houses that may have rooms for students who attend the adjacent university. Bob's dreamy neighborhood is quaint, quiet and cute.

There is restlessness in Bob's dream. His neighbors can build tall houses with rooms for students. And to Bob's horror, some of them are doing it, making money and actually living their dream, not his! Bob knows that they too have saved, scrimped and risk their hard work on building tall houses.

But Bob feels since he is more sincere, his dream should be "the dream" for his neighborhood. After all, Bob is the vice-president of his neighborhood association and many of them are not even members.

His statewide neighbors passed Prop. 207, protecting those who dream about tall houses against vice-president Bob of the Jefferson Park Neighborhood Association. Poor Bob, he's blue and cranky.

Before Prop. 207, Bob would have lived his dream. His friends at Tucson City Hall like Bob and they like his dream. The "Bob's" of the community were happy. The tall house people were sad because City Hall once told them they could build tall houses, but since Bob said "no" now they can't and are sorry for their loss.

We know the rest of the story ... the tall house people got tired of being pushed around by the Bob's and his friends at City Hall. They reminded their statewide neighbors about the freedom and liberty that private property gives them. The people said "yes, we remember" and asked, "Why did Bob forget?"

Bob still hasn't remembered. He clings onto his dream. Now, Bob wants his friends at City Hall to spend some of the tax money collected from the tall house people to fight the tall house people. Bob went to a City Hall meeting to get the money to force his dream on the tall house people.

There was a reporter at the meeting who wrote down Bob's words. According the reporter, Bob said:

Schlanger said the city should have the guts to challenge Prop. 207 and find out from the courts what the initiative really means, because right now nobody knows exactly what it means.

"This a dance around Prop. 207," Schlanger said. "I think we have to challenge 207. There's no better time than now."

Bob's friends at City Hall know what Prop. 207 means. It says, "Bob, tall house people have dreams, too."