Sunday, November 8, 2009

With Friends Like Right-to-Life, Who Needs Enemies?

I have my pro-life credentials.  I've fought in the trenches, so shut-up.


Too many times while in the trenches, Right-to-Life national leaders have been there wiping out our side, handing victory to the pro-aborts.


Today, I lament and pray for and with Rep. John Shaddegg (AZ) who knew that if he could have received just a little bit of Right-to-Life's cooperation, Pelosi's health care bill would have gone down.  Instead, Shaddegg got a Right-to-Life knife in the back.


The battle lost in the House over the government health care takeover rests in large part on the shoulders of the national Right-to-Life leaders.  They are pinheads and they must resign now.


As the political dynamics tightened around the health care vote, liberal pro-aborts had to concede to a vote on the pro-life amendment in order to shave off enough pro-life democrats for victory.  A bitter political pill for their side, but they saw the bigger victory and could spin the pro-life amendment as "just acknowledgement of existing law contained in the long-standing Hyde Amendment." (Hyde Amendment = No federal funds for abortions)


Well, Shaddegg had a plan to throw sand in the gears and likely ruin the political machinery grinding out a victory for the government takeover of health care.  He was rounding up the votes to kill the pro-life amendment (by voting "present") and thereby killing the whole bill and quite possibly the entire effort. This would have caused such a train wreck, it is doubtful the liberals could have recovered, i.e., Waterloo.


But, NO ... as this plan was quietly being put together, Right-to-Life issues a noontime letter on the day of the vote stating a "present" vote will be scored as a NO vote, elevating it as the "most important vote" since the 1997 vote on the Hyde Amendment.


KABOOM!  Right-to-Life once again snatches defeat from the jaws of victory.  Good for Shaddegg being the lone "present" vote on the amendment.


This screw-up is so historic and monumental that the Right-to-Life leadership must take the honorable actions and resign, immediately.


Shaddegg has a 100% rating from Right-to-Life.  He is not a mystery or a double-dealer.  After all the work he has done on their behalf, a little help would have gone a long way.


Instead, it is clear ... Right-to-Life is more concerned about fundraising by "getting the win" on the pro-life amendment.  How long do you think that amendment will hold as the bill makes its way through Congress?


Go away Right-to-Life leadership.  Your actions are pitiful.