Thursday, January 22, 2009

Hooray! for Gov. Brewer (Is she now the best Gov. in America?)

There is but one recipe for success to get us out of this economic crash.  IT IS THE SPENDING, STUPID! 
Newly minted Gov. Brewer gets it, thank heavens.
Cut spending this year to balance the budget, then next budget cycle we can work on TAX CUTS and more spending cuts to balance.
When the AZ economy begins the rebound, revenues to the state will explode.
Then we can catch up on some necessary state projects, and offer additional targeted tax cuts.
County and local governments need to cut their budgets, too.  The more they cut, the quicker the recovery.
The short-term pain of cuts is far less than the long-term pain of paying interest on borrowed money.

Brewer takes command of a state with a budget shortfall pegged at $1.6 billion for the remainder of this fiscal year and potentially an additional $3 billion for next. The cuts ahead will be difficult, she said, but "there will be no time for gloom or further denial."

"We know the necessary reductions in state spending will not occur without impact to lives and livelihoods," she said. "Our task is to minimize that impact as much we can, even as we keep our state moving forward toward a brighter future." [...]

She mocked President Barack Obama's major economic-stimulus plan, saying, "My transition team and I are not sitting idle while the new government in Washington plans another trillion dollars in deficit spending." She said her aim in Arizona will be to "call forth the creativity, determination and entrepreneurial spirit that made these United States the most prosperous great power in the history of the world."

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