Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Play 0bama Bingo tonight!

Click the link, http://twurl.nl/mlle80 then print your 0bama Bingo card for tonight's big government speech.
When he say one of the phrases on your card, mark it.  Enough marks make BINGO!
Maybe you will win some big Porkulus or TARP $$$.

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Anonymous said...

0bama now wants to work with insurance companies to cut down on medical costs by getting rid of the sick and elderly with his proposed death panels. Democrat liberals now believe they have a backdoor to the death panels through private insurance companies. One strategy that is being implemented by insurance companies use the idea of "pre-existing" conditions, that in some way or form you had the condition before you got insurance, and thus you are ineligible for treatment. Another strategy is the usage of calling treatment plans "experimental", and thus covering or treating you becomes too risky. If you don't want your sick grandmother or your little cousin with leukemia to be deemed "just too risky" to save, then please pass this on.