Friday, April 16, 2010

PHOTOS: Prescott Tea Party 4-15-10

Here are photos from 2010 Tax Day Tea Party in Prescott, AZ

The local Congresscritter Rep. Ann Kirkpatrick (Liberal CD1)
voted for government takeover of health care.


Anonymous said...

You poeple cheered while President Bush devalued our economy, took away civil rights, arrested protesters, and left us with a 1.2 trillion dollar debt.

Now you try and blame it all on President Obama.

You're all just a bunch of lying, greedy, racist cowards.

Anonymous said...

The deficit has more than doubled with no end in sight under Obama and he's not done yet. You may try to blame President Bush for the economic problems, but look to Barney Frank, Christopher Dodd and a few others. Look into Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac and how these two, among others, did everything humanly possible to shield them from scutiny. Greedy people who bought homes priced far more than they could afford are a large part of the problem. In the meantime, people like us who live in a smaller home than we would like, but one that we can afford, will be forced to pay for those greedy people. I wish him no harm, but Obama needs to go.

Anonymous said...

Anon (April 16, 2010 9:18 AM):

Sweeping statements like "You people" tanks your argument from the get-go. Many of these Americans have been offended for years -- if not for decades -- with the way government has conducted business.

You would know that if you talked to them, which you obviously have not.

As for blaming it on Obama: Obama is a part of the problem, sure. But again, if you've been paying attention, it is the government that is the problem in the opinion of the tea party movement. That means Democrats, Republicans and Independents. It's an important distinction.

Finally, are they lying? Are they greedy? Are they racist? Are they cowards? I don't see it: perhaps you can point to specific videos/articles/blogs that prove your point.

If you can't, doesn't that give me the right to call you a left-wing, hate-filled, rhetoric-spewing imbecile?

Qman said...

Let me make it very clear... I am not trying to blame Obama. I am blaming Obama for his socialist agenda.

Lying? Who is lying when it comes to "CSPAN transparency" and "five day posting period" before voting?

Greed? How many people showed up at the courthouse as wealthy millionaires, or were they just common every day Americans who don't share your twisted ideology.

Racist cowards? I did NOT see one single coward at the courthouse other than you, the "Anonymous" one. Racist???? I am NOT white and a first generation immigrant and I feel very comfortable in that crowd.


Hawkgrove said...

As I look at the pictures from the rally, most notably the comments on the posters and t-shirts and read the postings I have a few simple points.
First, this is not “your country”, it belongs to all Americans and they spoke at the polls on 2008.
Obama has not “doubled” the deficit; he has been saddled with the cost of bailouts begun under the administration that left office right before him. He also has been honest with the American people and has included the cost of the war in his budget unlike the previous administration who always managed to leave that out.
I also believe you should look up the word “socialism”, it means full government control of business and private property and a supposed equal distribution of wealth and profit to all people. If you think providing health care to all people instead of allowing it to be “for profit” is socialism then call me comrade.
I am fearful for our country. Not because of the tea-partiers, conservatives, progressives, Republicans, or Democrats. I am fearful because we have forgotten how to have a constructive dialog. We prefer emotions, half-truths, and misrepresentations of the facts. We want to demonize and claim that our president hates America. I heard that from the left during Bush’s term and I hear it now from the right about Obama. I would like to think that most of us want basically the same for our country and ourselves. Democratic government should be about balance and compromise. I too, want what I believe most tea-partiers want, politicians who serve the people, not their re-election campaigns. Instead of taking care of business, talking and working together, they pander to those groups they feel are most politically advantageous to them.
Let’s work together for America. Let’s realize that if we live in country as diverse as ours that we need to compromise. We need to do our best to decide what is good for all people and the future. It’s not about too much government control or too little, it is about common sense and common good. It’s not about getting everything you want.