Monday, February 12, 2007

Facts that make some facts fiction

During the successful campaign to enact Arizona’s Prop. 207, many of governmento-crats and liberal media-crats in fact made claims that were fiction.

Pre-election facts--

FACT: Ken Strobeck, Arizona League of Cities and Towns, said prior to the election on the Horizon’s program (PBS Ch. 8): “[Passage of Prop. 207] in the sense that it would essentially freeze all zoning and land use regulation just the way they are today.”

FACT: Arizona Republic (10-08-06) editorial: “Arizona would be frozen. Locked into today’s rules despite tomorrow’s differing needs.” (sic)

Post-election facts--

NOT “FROZEN” FACT #1: Attorneys for the Fain Signature Group, which owns the affected 57 acres, applied for the General Plan amendment to encourage higher-intensity development.
The land in question is in the Town Center, north along Lakeshore Drive across from the Prescott Valley Civic Center.Community Development staff stated that the amendment would create a "main street and business core atmosphere."
"We realize all the development that has taken place in the area" since the community adopted the General Plan in 2002, planner Joe Scott told the council.
Scott said nobody spoke against the proposal when the Planning and Zoning Commission reviewed it Jan. 8, adding that the commissioners unanimously supported it as well.
Nobody spoke out against the amendment during the council meeting, and the council members voted 7-0 for it. (Source: Prescott Daily Courier 2/10/07)

NOT “FROZEN” FACT #2: Consideration of Public Hearing (PC LUP 2006-003): A proposed amendment to the Flagstaff Area Regional Land Use and Transportation Plan to change the land use designation for approximately .66 acres of land located at 2650 South Beulah Boulevard from Urban Open Space to Commercial Regional Category.

Vice-Mayor Overton moved to close the public hearing, seconded by Councilmember Haughey. The vote was unanimous in favor. (Flagstaff City Council Minutes - 12-19-06)

Fact of the Facts--

It is a fact that in spite of the overheated phony “frozen” claims by opponents of the private property rights protections enacted by Prop. 207, in fact land use is NOT “locked into today’s rules despite tomorrow’s differing needs.”

Big Rattler could fill up another blog reporting the factual instances where land use changes every day in Arizona. These two examples make the point snappingly clear.

These facts make is hard to believe anything the governmento-crats and liberal media-crats say.


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