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Local Bureaucrats "Force Waivers" on owners



January 26, 2007

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Supporters ask: "How can obtaining an electrical permit diminish property values?"


PHOENIX— Hope for Arizona leaders are fielding numerous calls from Arizona property owners who are now being forced by local officials to sign away their Prop. 207 property rights for such standard requirements as obtaining an electrical permit.


Lori Klein, executive director of the property rights group, likened the local officials' actions as appearing childish, "because they didn't get their way -- so here is their tantrum -- to make property owners lives more difficult."


Klein, along with former State Treasurer Carol Springer, were recently on a panel in Tucson discussing Prop. 207 which overwhelming passed last November by a 65% - 35% margin.


At that meeting the Prop. 207 so-called government "waivers" were discussed.  These forced "waivers" were presented as necessary when an owner requests a formal zoning change.   According to one local official on the panel, the "waiver" is designed to prevent the owner who requests the formal zoning change from later filing a Prop. 207 claim citing diminution of property value.


"We are doing our legal research regarding these forced government 'waivers.'  At face value it appears that a court would not allow a Prop. 207 claim for action requested by the property owner," said Klein.   "So far, these 'waivers' appear to be non-consequential, legally frivolous and a waste of taxpayer time and dollars; and, are simply another burden to citizens who are exercising their private property rights."


Prop. 207 supporter, State Sen. Chuck Gray said, "There might be a rare scenario where the local officials may need to ask for a 'waiver' from a complicated planned development re-zoning project, but being forced to sign away property rights for an electrical or plumbing permit is just nonsensical.   It smacks of officials trying to punish voters for doing something they didn't like."


Supporters ask the logical question: "How can obtaining an electrical permit diminish property values?"


Supporters asked local government officials to "get over it and move on" and get back to work doing the peoples' business in the most cost-effective and consumer friendly manner they can.   "That is what they have been hired by the people to do," said Klein.


To learn more about Proposition 207, visit or call Lori Klein at 602-324-3528.


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