Monday, April 23, 2007

Prop 207 -- Won't stop global warming

This backhanded attack on private property rights, using Prop. 207 as it's straw man, reveals the true agenda of the far-left radical environmentalists: LAND CONTROL!
Remember, opponents of Prop. 207 and other private property rights measures were backed by some of the most land-grabbing groups financed by billionaires such as George Soros and Ted Turner.
A story in the Arizona Republic (4-23-07) reports that the failure of Bush (right on cue for the liberal media, i.e., Blame Bush) to support the Kyoto Protocols has led to many U.S. cities to start the process of adopting local measure that will kill jobs and drop the standard-of-living. (My words)
Phoenix has contacted ICLEI, a national organization that helps cities set up climate-change programs, to find out how to address greenhouse-gas emissions.

Cost is also a factor.

A greenhouse-gas inventory could run $75,000 to $100,000, according to Phoenix estimates. Staff are seeking City Council approval to do an inventory.

Other mayors said local politics would not favor the agreement. Gilbert Mayor Steve Berman said he could not agree to reduce sprawl because it would conflict with the property rights protections of recently passed Proposition 207, which limits government's ability to change land-use laws.

"I'm not going to pledge to do something that I know going in I can't do," he said.

Indeed, some signatories have said they will not meet the emission-reduction goals by 2012.

There are no penalties for not meeting the goals. No one tracks emission reductions achieved as a result of the pledge.

Groups such as the Sierra Club and Republicans for Environmental Protection are lobbying mayors to sign. The latter is trying to sell cities on the cost savings of energy efficiency.
Without passage of Prop. 207, the greedy government land grabbers would be sticking it to property owners under the guise of global warming.
History is clear ... the biggest pollution problems and lack of regard for our environment came from those who controlled ALL the land within their borders ... the former Communist Soviet Union.  Government land control is not the solution to a clean environment.
P.S. Please note the "Republicans for Environmental Protection" and their misuse of the GOP to promote energy efficiency.  Does anyone know if their leaders have a vested interest in a particular company that supplies energy efficiencies?
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