Wednesday, April 25, 2007

THIMK -- Before you mess up

The Tucson City Council is starting to show signs of life again after a long-term, self-induced coma from noxious liberal gas poisoning.

Granted, the life signs are small, simply an eye open with pupils responding to the light of liberty.

The Council has been treated since last November in an oxygen tent filled with pure Prop. 207 and thank the Good Lord, the patient is responding!

Just last evening, the Council delayed action on a proposal that would crush individual property rights by way of a so-called "neighborhood-preservation overlay." But, since Arizona voters enacted Prop. 207, these property owners are protected from such regulatory schemes that would diminish their property values.

Here is clip from the Arizona Star: (4-25-07)

On the neighborhood-preservation overlay, the council unanimously voted the delay action because [Tuscon City Councilwoman] Trasoff said "we want to do it right."
A group of property owners contends the zone would restrict uses of their land, which flies in the face of Proposition 207, a ballot initiative passed last year requiring governments to compensate landowners if the governments impose land-use rules that reduce property values.
"We don't want this to come back on us," Trasoff said.
Good Thimking ... Thimk, before you mess up!
Big Rattler

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